Google One Today

A New Way to Give

Google One Today gives people the opportunity to give to the organizations they already love while exploring non-profits they've never heard of. The easy to use app shows users how 1 dollar a day makes a deference to the causes and people non-profits are fighting for around the globe. 

Changing Expectations is signed up through this amazing Google app and we are excited to say that we were a featured non-profit on One Today's website!

Head over to our feature to learn more and explore the work One Today is doing with other non-profits! 



Amazon has created a way to give to the causes you care about while purchasing the things you want and love! With Amazonsmile .5% of your purchase will go to participating charities, including Changing Expectations! All the products you know and love at your fingertips through a unique portal that automatically donates for you upon purchase!

Click the button and discover a new way to donate!