Founded on the belief that coding is a fundamental skill, we find creative ways to educate K-12 teachers and students from traditionally underserved communities in Texas on the basics of technology. We offer hands-on programs, including coding classes, summer camps, and even a makerspace! 

For every dollar donated we are able to help teachers and students through out Central Texas.  Not only do we provide access to technical education, we boost confidence, close opportunity gaps and build a better community. 

We give teachers and students the necessary technical skills to change the world! 

Our research shows learning how to program has an impact in improving sequencing skills. If you get better at sequencing, it has a measurable positive effect on reading comprehension. A parent can have their kid engage in coding with the knowledge that a lot of kids won’t become programmers, but there is this broad-based benefit.
— Marina Umaschi Bers. Tufts University



  • Since 2009, over 10,000 students across Texas have benefited through direct STEM education services and from improved STEM education and Computer Science instruction and performance of participating teachers. 
  • Invited to the White House for our work in STEM education