A New Perspective: VR with Changing Expectations

Carver Museum Student Workshop May 13th

Changing Expectations had the pleasure of hosting a student workshop at the Carver Museum with the help of our partners Google Fiber and Mozilla! This workshop aimed to introduce students to new ideas in STEM and advances in virtual reality technology. 

With VR being a rapidly expanding and fascinating field in tech, there has never been a better time to learn how it works and were the industry is taking it. Our friends over at Mozilla wrote an awesome blog on their experience with us. You can check it out here

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Google One Today

A New Way to Give

Google One Today gives people the opportunity to give to the organizations they already love while exploring non-profits they've never heard of. The easy to use app shows users how 1 dollar a day makes a deference to the causes and people non-profits are fighting for around the globe. 

Changing Expectations is signed up through this amazing Google app and we are excited to say that we were a featured non-profit on One Today's website!

Head over to our feature to learn more and explore the work One Today is doing with other non-profits!